Beauty is
Dirty and
You cant fuck with true
But true beauty can fuck you
up without trying
everybody has it
And nobody
to respect it
Beauty is
Dirty and

Waves Of Change

That I saw a concrete building in the distance
lit elegantly by orange city lights
on the beach
Seemed so perfect for a photo
with blue faded mountain outlines
in the background
as the sun had just set
I was sitting with two friends
on the beach
and told them
I would go shoot a photo of it
“be right back”
So I got closer
and started shooting with my phone
when suddenly a cyclone started up
over the ocean to my right
I thought it made for an amazing photo
until it came towards the beach
I continued shooting
with the orange lit building and mountains
but now walking backwards
including the cyclone over the ocean
in the photo
until it grew rapidly
and headed towards my friends
with huge waves
I climbed toward the beach wall
and realized they must be no more
until the giant waves also came for me


I couldn’t consummate;
If we made love
It could be over
I could be your lover
You could die in my eyes
You could transform
Your beauty
Would become more rich
Of course
But if you’re living a lie
Or if I’m living a lie
If theres beauty you don’t yet own
We would be going nowhere
Ive spun like this before
I’m done spinning like this
If we made love
I will see the truth
That you’re hiding from
That beautiful illusion would be gone
Your mystery would be gone

The Ascent

Sacrificed my dust to you
What I’m made of
for your word
Left it all behind for nothing
So this seed in me
Could be born
At the ascent
My creations conception
Built a temple out of these words
Loss of doubt
Surrendered to anything that asked
My peace is underneath
Undisturbed by anything that asked

Ghosts In Dust

When you are done
When you are out of it
Grasping at dust
Faint glimmer of life
Of purity
It’s only dust

Was once life
Was vibrance
Was direction
But now it’s just dust

Dust like a revelation
Translates lifes direction
Settled and wiped away
The clarity of the moment
Is tears in your eyes
Joy and pain
Are just the same
The undeniable thing
Undeniable and drowning
May die
If you let it
If you let yourself forget it

Holy Trinity

Where you may be headed
Could often be outside of your current appropriation of your desire
Outside of your ego
Your path is the culmination
of your superego which is your moral mind
Your id which is your animal mind
and your ego which is the one who judges between the previous two
Often were blinded by one of the three
So much that we cannot see the overall sum of them as whole
The id the ego and the the super ego together our one human mind
Perhaps were blinded by our instinctual hunger or our perception of what we think is right
Or potentially even how we choose to envision ourselves
But our course lies in the culmination
The sum of our three mental constructs and finally distilled into our true path


met you again
You put a spell on me
And I touched the bottom
Found love – Too deep
to dive so deep
So deep in love
Dark and blind below
First sight
First word
Fast asleep
Met you again
You put a spell on me
The depths love me
They don’t let me go
Don’t let me go
Always want more
But I know better now
Can climb out quick
Good at climbing out by now
Met you again
You put a spell on me
No I cant bring you with me
You are my reminder of failure
My notion of defeat
Old patterns
Old regret
A tangible memory of what its like
Will all get older with you
As long as you are happy


My expectation leads me
But don’t get me wrong
It is my tool to discover
What would remain
Hidden from my experience

If we set it
The course is always set
The discovery hangs
In the background
Haunting at times
Divine at others
Worthy of blind worship
Worthy of praise
Worthy of analogy

The mother of
Is born

You owe it to the course
If dedicated
It will make you sweat
Without concern
It will make you exhausted
Without detail
The course is more important
Than anything you’ve ever experienced
Because you set it

The mere act of taking this course
In earnest
Will be the most powerful meditation
You can achieve
The crystalized forms
Inside your body and mind
Will dissolve irrespectively
Because these forms
This rhetoric
This cancer
Is not as important
As the course

Ace Of Disks

Never displeased about that physical distance from those you care for
Adoration for an opportunity to connect
Oh ace of disks why are you so far
Masterfully foolish earthly glorious queen of my minds clouds
endowed with a genuine sweetness few have been bestowed
Let’s go
let me find your freedom as I find my own
Shown from your far away home as a surprise to the air on my throne
Oh ace of disks
Solid and quixotic
Beatific and free
Why would you bother with me
the prince of cups
so bold
and bound for worlds unknown to us
Shown the chains of our time
in this prime of ours
and nothing could sever their ties
Tried and true blue born benevolence
begets you as you forget to unwind
Oh ace of disks
I am here as prince of cups shining diamond
The now is all that I desire and you can join
Join my passionate chaos my world on fire
Oh ace of disks why are you so far

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